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Causes of Anxiety and Depression

Life challenges may cause you to be stressed and anxious at time. One way of dealing with it is to accept and move on. However, some people are overwhelmed by it, and it overpowers them. some people do not know how to handle the anxiety, and it may lead to depression. The ones affected with it have worry about everyday life issues. There are several types of anxiety disorders which include, social anxiety, separation anxiety disorder and many more. Seeking treatment early for depression and anxiety is best.Below are some factors that may cause you to develop anxiety or depression.

The first cause to look into is drugs and substance abuse. Among the top causes of depression and anxiety is drug and substance abuse. The normal functioning of the brain is interrupted by drug and substance abuse which leads to depression. Body communication is disrupted because the use of drugs affects neurotransmitters in the brain. The body is unable to function normally both physically and psychologically because there is disruption caused by the drug misuse. With the body not operating to its full potential, anxiety, and depression may occur.

Stress is another cause of anxiety and depression. A person may be stressed because of many factors, a few of them are poor sleeping or eating habits or overworking themselves. The thing about stress is that it can cause you to get anxious or depressed if it prolongs for a long duration. Anxiety comes by because the brain is not functioning well due to stress; this creates an imbalance in the body functioning.grief and trauma can also lead to the cause of stress.

Another cause of anxiety and depression is a person’s health conditions. Terminable conditions like cancer and untreatable diseases are some of the health conditions that may cause depression and anxiety. When a person is diagnosed with such health conditions, they feel helpless, and this may lead to anxiety and depression.It is also possible to get anxiety and depression if your parents or someone in your heritage suffers from it.

Another cause of anxiety and depression is poor self-esteem.With poor self-esteem, a person has obsessive thoughts about the thing they feel insecure about; this may be money, reputation or appearance. This constant thought may lead to stress or the adoption of unhealthy habits like drinking or poor diet. The result of the obsessive thinking is development of anxiety disorders or depression.

Another cause of anxiety and depression is separation or rejection. When a person feels rejected or isolation they are sad and this impacts them negatively. To avoid being depressed, one should be keen in observing the above causes and in case one is depressed they should seek help.

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